x100.000 4 Jule

The best Interlude+ server with extensions will be opened on July 4 at 20: 00 Moscow time

Interlude+ x100.000

The most stable server with extensions. Working for more than 5 years. The minimum period of work without a VAPE is 4 months.
Unique zones with prohibitions of donating things, and balancing new and old players!

Author's additions and Events from the Administration!

200 EUR

The first prize Fund for the clans!

Clan Bonus

Capturing castles, killing RAID bosses, fighting in clan battles-you earn a reputation
At the end of the month, the reputation is counted, and the top 3 clans get real money!

Server Statistics

x100 000 New
26 Сентября в 20:00
x100.000 Old
С дополнениями
Good vs Evil
В разработке
x100 000 New
x100 000 Old
Good vs Evil

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