June 12 at 20:00 Moscow time

  • Interlude + x100.000
  • More Than 25 Sets of skins (Costumes)
  • More Than 10 Sets of skins (Weapons)
  • Temporary Runes and Skills
  • Regular updates/Bug Fixes
  • Exciting gameplay
  • Author's events from the Admin
  • Pharma Automation
  • New Instances for Raid Bosses
  • Always works without wipe.
Spend the summer with us!

The most stable server with add-ons. Working for more than 5 years. Working for the players!

Bonus servers, for new players!

Timely technical support.

Chat 18+ without moderation and censorship.

Divorce/undressing-refund and block the fraudster!

Server Statistics

x100.000 New
Открытие 9 Октября
В 20:00 по Мск
x100 000 Old
Открыт более года...
x100.000 New
x100 000 Old

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